Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday 1.10 pm.
People are becoming aware that we have now set up a facebook page. Mark O’D. is at the forefront of this, with me fein in a learning role. So short/late club messages will be posted there with the main body of material going to the blog here Sunday night/Monday morning. They will be linked of course. I hope that is ok. Hopefully it will become interactive and a decent service especially for the growing ‘Diaspora’. Actually I got a nice note from a former Boyle GAA person now abroad who thanked the Blog and realboyle for re-connecting him with Boyle and Boyle GAA after a good few years being disconnected. That is the positive objective.
Good luck to Roscommon on Sunday. It's a make or break game now after the disappointing second half performance in Longford.
Has the O'Gara Cup/Intermediate League Fixture list become available? I am not an investigative journalist as such!
I am aware that a number of young people are laving for Oz shortly so good luck to them and keep safe. I am aware of a good response to the Blood Transfusion request. The bit of late publicity helps. Tomorrow night, Sat., the John B. Keane play ‘The Field’ is being staged in St. Joseph’s Hall. I am on LOTTO duty as a sub. So have sympathy and understanding for the team if you bump into them on tour. There are great prizes for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Overall €500; runner-up €300; in 3rd place €200; 4th place traditional and heritage €200; 5th prize junior (under 16) €200; 6th place runner-up €100; 7th prize best shop window €150. So that is a total of €1650 which is a very respectable sum.
Oh yeah, I’m unavailable for callers whose number is ‘unavailable’.

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