Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wed. 2pm.

I see Ireland has qualified for the final of the AF Cup in Oz with Roch Hanmore mentioned in dispatches and with other local connections in John Tierney (son of Christine O'Callaghan and grandson of Micheal and Nellie) and x Cunnane from Tulsk. They beat New Zealand in the Semi Final last night and meet Papua New Guinea in the final on Saturday before a regular game-Hawthrons v Western Bulldogs- at the MCG in Melbourne. So a quiz question looming there; What two well connected Boyle men played in a World Cup Final in the MCG in Melbourne?
So Roch/John and X, if you happen on this, the best of luck on Sat. It is a fine achievement.

For further info. and an a/c of the Semi Final chase it up on the web as I'm sure the vast majority of youse are more adept at that than I am.

Ciaran got your post. Thank you.

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