Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wed. 11.19 P.M. I just heard that Boyle won ‘The GAA Grounds of the Year’ in Co. Roscommon at the County Convention. That is a nice achievement especially for the principals Martin Purcell, Ml. Brennan, Aidan and Eoin Lavin, Shane Filan and Gerry Tivnan and his FAS group and x. It does not come as any surprise to me as it is a fine facility in a lovely, historic setting.
Odds: If you are outside the Abbey Park on a Wednesday evening and there are empty garbage bins there just drag them inside the gates if there are two of you there. As Tess Flaherty used to say: "An ounce of help is better than a ton of pity”.
At the Club convention a little important (oxymoron) detail was Barney Supple's request that ALL players should equip themselves with GUM SHIELDS. I endorse this fully. I thought it was par for the course now but apparently the efforts of a few years ago, to promote this, have eroded. So perhaps team managers might come up with some directive on the issue and perhaps an arrangement might be made with a local dentist, to provide same, as happened a few years ago.
I heard that there was a vote orchestrated for Team Manager of our sister club, St. Brendan’s, in Dublin in opposition to the incumbent. This came as a big surprise to me as the 2011 manager just had his team promoted for the second straight year. What else could he do? There is perhaps too much expected of managers. This shows the pressure they are under. What was the promoter of this coup thinking of? Anyway the coup was roundly defeated and it is onwards and upwards for St. Brendan’s in 2012 though I believe they ARE adhering to the Croke Park directive re. closed season in December for training.
How often can you recycle a bike?
Regards to Oz/N.Z./Canada/London and New York Towns and Wolkingham.

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