Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wed. 10am.
1. The jerseys were used at U 16 level last year I'm told. Missing but have to be around. The club is looking/searching for an O'Neills set of jerseys with the David O'Connor, Auctioneering logo on them. They are missing for a while so if anyone has ideas re same please get in touch with me or the club chairman. They are probably in some garage or some such.
2. I am reminded that I left out Joe Sweeney from the best wishes section for activities this coming week-end in London. Sorry Joe. Also best wishes to the Oz crew: Ciaran Keenehan mining in Western Oz; Killian (with a K) Egan, Roch Hanmore, Damien Keenehan, Conor Boylan, Mark O'Donohoe, Ciaran Conlon, master Monson in N.Z. also Damien Dooley and Peter Conroy in the U.S. I presume I've left somone out there. I'm not well up at all on the ladies panel apart from Miss Mulvihill in California and Mis Keville in Kentucky.
3. Paddy did the guide arrive?

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