Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday. 9,30am.
Please Please Note: I have just returned from putting out the bins, the 'recycling bins', at the Abbey Park. It has been a frustrating experience. Now if things do not improve, in terms of material being placed in the bins, I will resign from the prestigious position.
The blue bins are for material which can be recycled, essentially the modern phenomena of plastic bottles. Banana skins and food residue etc. are not for recycling. Also, although I think this might be going too far by me, if one emptied the bottles before disposal in the bins it would be a help! This week is a 'recycling' week, sorta.

Now if there is too much rubbish/garbage for the green bins, then it should be left in a rubbish bag and its disposal turn will come. Just don't dump it into the recycling bins. The reason for the overload of debris this week is because of all the games...Roscommon v Clare and Ros. minors v Fermanagh and the food etc. Do not put rubbish in the blue bins.......please.

2. The Boyle Fuerty Tansey Cup game listed for Sunday is off. On Sat. of course there is the Division 1 game v Failes at 5 away.

3. Lotto this Sat. team 'D'. dat's me! I'll post numbers and results on return to here.

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