Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday's Team - click on photo for a larger version
Above; Owen Garvin, Aidan Lavin,Kathleen Hanmore, Ml.gilmartin (a formidable front row). Margaret O'Neill, Stephen Bohan, Pat Goldrick, Eugene Halligan, Thomas Halligan plus the Dub. diaspora below.


This is just a holding statement (Sat. 8.30 pm). This was a better Saturday for the club. A preliminary report from the Walk epicentre at Croke Park was that they had a ‘pretty good day’ on the collecting front. The count is where it all becomes concrete. The bus is just leaving Dublin at 8. The group pictured on the bus were joined in Dublin by Tom Kennedy now resident in Leixlip, John Healy, Mick McHale, Cianan Conboy and Justin McCormack. I expect to see a pic. of John and Mick on some of the Sunday papers! We sincerely thank Tom K. and the lads for their help. It is greatly appreciated. I am told that the group were treated regally in Tom Maye’s pub in Dorset Street. Tom is originally from Croghan area and I call into his pub on Dorset St. when I am in the area not that I’d be much good as a customer. But if anyone from this area is in the vicinity you might support someone who is a great supporter of all things Roscommon in Dublin. I do not imagine that Tom tunes in here but thanks a million Tom. Just one more river to cross tomorrow and if anyone can dredge up the energy for one more whack at this they should come to the Crescent for 8am tomorrow and I’m sure that transport will be available.
Tomorrow may be the All-Ireland but it is also the ‘Walk’ final and could make the venture a real success. So set the clocks and go to bed early and maybe encourage your Boyle contacts to give it one more effort anytime from 10.30 in Dublin meeting around Maye’s or contact Aidan.
The Senior League McGovern Directional Drilling team had a resounding win over St. Dominick’s this evening the Abbey Park. This was done in a refreshing, creative, direct and relaxed style. The half time score was Boyle 0.7 St. Dominick’s 0.2. I know Doms. Were missing a number of players and perhaps were not ‘really up for it’ but the final score of Boyle 1.18 St. Dominick’s 0.4 tells a tale. I’ll list the team et al later.
Commiserations to the Ladies team who went down to a very strong Western Gaels side on the score of Western Gaels 1.15 Boyle 1.5. I await the report on same. Well done on your season.
Congratulations to our twin club in Dublin, St. Brendan’s Grangegorman, Dublin who had had a convincing win by over 30 points this evening. There is a big Boyle influence on this team and they are in Smithfield-a pub nothing to do with horses- tonight. This could be the start of major career for their manager Justin McCormack and now the management avenues are all opening up for Justin whose phone will be sparking in the management recruitment season.
Was that not a really great marvelous performance by Ireland in the rugby World Cup? A thriller, even on the radio!

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